Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OOW Notes - What is new in Oracle DB App. Development.

Monday 12:15 - Whats new in Oracle Database App. Development – Thomas Kyte

Database improvements

Application client continuity called TAF

problem: if you click an application button twice, did it really committed twice or if the node failure happened and my transaction rolled back (or finished successfully)

Transaction guard – first rdbms to preserve commit outcome.. at most one transaction execution. Used by jdbc-thin, oci, occi,

now able to ask if the transaction is rollback or commited to the transaction guard.

Logs are info held in the client side application server.

Sql translation framework

by creating profiles now it is able to transform transact-sql to oracle pl-sql.

--create a profile and translation
dbms_sql_translator.register_sql_translator(profile_name, 'select * from scott.emp','select* from scott.dept');

--in order to use in a transaction
alter session set sql_translation_profile=profile_name;
alter session set events '10601 trace name context forever, level 32';

APEX improvements

michael fitcher → web db → html db → apex

web browser → web listener / or web server with mod_plsql / or apex listener → database

4.2.3 is available

html5 supported charts and page items

packed applications
  • ask us (
  • group calendar
  • project tracking
  • issue tracker
  • checklist manager
  • meeting minutes

full support for apex in oracle multi-tenant architecture (apex installed in a container, patched and upgraded across all pluggable databases)

full support for 32K varchar2 columns
integration with real application security coming in apex 5.0

SQL Developer technology

sql command line extended reporting and charting.
Cart is enhanced.
Reports are greatly enhanced..
UI enhancements → border colors now able to change on connections
includes data modeler version 4.0
jdk 7 support and above

10012 → what is new in sqldeveloper 4.0 (I am already registered)


transaction guard support guarantees that a commit should be done at most once.
Support for PLSQL type (boolean)

Support for all 12c types.
Multitenant support
Impcilicit ref cursor support
Array binding

Apply keyword in SQL for enhanced LINQ support

global data services support
  • region based workload routing
  • connect time load balancing → global data services (gds)
  • distributed replicas

Data compression levels
  • connection level (connection string)
  • service level (tnsnames.ora)
  • database level (sqlnet.ora)
Large buffers
  • default sdu is 8k (was 2k before 11g)
  • max values was 64k
  • max values is now 2m (clobs and blobs)
Multitenant data source


Database resident connection pool vs shared server (serious differences and advantages)


  • Jpublisher maps packages to jdbc in 12.1
  • In database map reduce !?!
  • Drop in hadoop mappers and reducers (run as is)
  • Support for hadoop ecosystem components
  • SQL support for hadoop


  • xml based client config file
  • auto tune of statement cache size
  • array dml returns affected row count in an array


  • full pluggable database support

SQL and Datatypes

  • long string support
  • row count byte is 8byte integer from now on
  • bind directly to plsql packages
  • implicit result set supported


query plsql table type directly (no more to create sql types)

less namespace clutter

grant roles to code
  • invokers rights routines
  • code will run with current set of privileges of the invoker plus that roles
  • white list (that sp can only be runned from other piece code but never from sqldeveloper)
  • fine grained privilege to protect code

improved introspection
utl_call_stack → provides procedural, structured access to the information


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