Thesis and Papers

Oracle Articles 

You can find some articles i have prepared for different occasions. 

Oracle Database 11g Execute Immediate - 09.12.2014

TROUG - Building Complex Applications with APEX - 16.01.2014

Oracle Database 11g Partitioning Presentation - 04.10.2013

Operational Data Store and Warehouse Presentation - 09.10.2012

Oracle Database 11g Audit Option - 21.03.2012

Turkish Oracle Users Group - High Availability Series - STREAMS - 14.01.2012

Turkish Oracle Users Group - High Availability Series - RMAN - 08.12.2011

Oracle Database 11g Generating Random Data - 05.09.2011

Diploma Thesis

This is my Diploma Thesis for my Under Graduate Education in Istanbul University. My Major was Astronomy and Space Sciences. The Subject of my thesis was H-R Diagram and Stellar Evolution from a birth of a star to the death as Supernova explosions, white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

You can download the Contents and the Abstract in English. 

Master Thesis

Digital Image Processing. This thesis is about processing images to obtain more detailed views. The paper includes the algorithms, codes and also a software to apply all the algorithms written in the paper. The software application is open source so you can download the code and develop the software as your necessity. Codes are written in Borland C++ 6 later.

You can download the Contents in English.

Byte (January, 2002)

This article has been published in byte magazine. Its main purpose is to explain basic logical rules, calculations and operations in electronics.

Byte (July, 2002)

An Article that introducing pic programming with pic16f84 from windows. This is the second part of the two part series. It is also a good tutorial for newbies. I used pic assembly programming language. The application is very basic and uses three led lights in a row.

Byte (February, 2004)

An Article that introducing parallel port programming with Linux. It is also a good tutorial for whom wants to control some electronic devices from their computers.