Bunch of Apps

Linux and Oracle Stuff

Zeus IT Manager

Full featured IT manager includes Task management, Project management and ISO-27001 compliant Asset Register developed in APEX. Portal enables to monitor project budget, allows to manage changes on assets and User/Department based role management.

You can follow and reach the application by visiting www.zeusitmanager.com

Query DB

Probably the simplest database query tool developed in java. The application simply creates a connection with jdbc thin client and executes a SQL command, fills the jTable with the resultset. This is my study to understand how JDBC works and executes queries. By this way i would understand how a developers thinks and what he/she needs from a Database Administrator. Of course there is infinitive tasks can be added to this application but this small code may only be a starting point.

I used jSyntaxPane which is very helpful and try to comment the code in order to clear the confusions. 

Development Environment: Netbeans 7.0 Java 1.6.0_30

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Image Resizer 

There are some applications for bulk resizing the images. Most of them are ready to use in command prompt. This application formed after decided to write in graphical. It resizes the selected images or all the images inside the selected folder. It is very handy especially before sending some pictures to the cloud.   

Development Environment: Netbeans 6.8 Java 1.6.0_18
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GUI for the fdisk utility

This application first meant to be disk utility before i find the Redhat's default disk utility. It simply uses fdisk commands to retrieve the information for the drives and partitions. "Format Selected Partition" option is commented out in the source code in order to not to cause any unintended operation.
Follow Up (29.03.2012):
 After i installed the new fedora release 15 and decided to use the volume manager, It appears that this application is not reliable with the volume manager. Only the partitions created with fdisk and mounted directly without using a volume manager gives consistent results. 

Development Environment: Netbeans 6.8 Java 1.6.0_18

Priority Queue

A Demonstration of a priority queue that has four different priority choices. You can add or remove an item to selected priority and view the last phase of the queue.

Polynomial Class

A C++ Program that is able to add, substracts and multiplies two polynomials. Program uses almost every property of object oriented programming and fully compatible with linux.

Development Environment: Blood Shed Dev C++ GNU Compiler
Process Management 

Process management in Linux. There are numbers between the values of 1 and 100 hold in a shared memory. The mother process makes 10 child processes and the child processes arrange the numbers. Every child arranges detached sets of 10 numbers so they do not rearrange the same part of the 100 number set.  

Development Environment: CC GNU C Compiler

Windows Stuff 

Binary Image Maker

This is a program runs with 2 parmeters. You give the first parameter for the image that you want to be converted to binary image and the second parameter is for the name of the binary image that will be restored.

Development Environment: Borland C++ Builder 6
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Standard deviation

Calculating the Standart Deviation of 3 values representing the students exam results. Every variable in the application is parametric so you can easily change the value set.

Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Basic 6 
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