Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Google Analytics works better than i expected

I installed Google Analytics site script to my blog two weeks ago and i received more than i imagine. Here are some report supplied by the dashboard today.

At first sight this is an expected result like visits, pagevisits and pages/visit ratio and so on. On the visitors tab of the dashboard you can obtain lots of information about the users locations and technical specs.

You can also investigate which search engine hits the site? and also the keywords. Another nice feature is you can also see which contents (in this case which posts) hit by the readers mostly? and with which keywords :)

As can be seen from the results Oracle Grid Custom Reports is the most visited post and Homepage follows it very closely. It seems Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control posts are mostly interested subject. Streams comes with the SQL Server Logical Consistency Based IO Error post which is a real pain for the admins.

Unfortunately there is no way (or I couldnt find) to share the reports anonymously like GoogleNotes or GoogleDocs. I hope this would be a new feature in a new version.

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