Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oracle EM Grid Control – Changing User Password

How to change your own user password and preferences in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OMS) Console.


- To change your password, one should use “Preferences” Link above the tabs as shown in the figure_1.


- To change your password, you should first enter your “current password” to the related field. And then you can enter your “New Password” twice to the related fields. After you finished filling the boxes simply click to “Apply” button (figure_2)

- You can also change your contact information by using “E-Mail Addresses” section in the page. You can add new email address by clicking “Add Another Row” button. New row will appear instantly under your existing email address. You should write your new email address and click apply button as shown in the figure (figure_2)

- To remove an email address, select the address you want to delete and simply click “Remove” button. Selected email address will disappear immediately. You must click “Apply” button to make the changes permanent (figure_2)

- You can also test your contact email address by selecting your email address and click on the “Test” button. A test email will be sent to your email address (figure_2)


- “Information Page” after your password successfully changes (figure_3)


- “Information Page” after you test your email address (figure_4)

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